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Gangsta Brown

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Gangsta Brown

A five- star general of the game acknowledged as one of the top five players of all time. His resume reads like no other; for a number of reasons. “My 35 years in the game have been much like going the distance in a championship fight…and comin out on top. Wade Sharper…. He must be mentioned as a talker of big game that I heard. But my true introduction to the game, was done by my cousin Pancho, my father, and Fillmore Slim. I ran with all of the knowledge that I absorbed….and with this I was able to do a lot of things that others were not able to doI still have the same original perm… from the beginning.The same Felix Mitchell limosine. From the beginning.

I have been drug free…from the beginning. Never shot….never stabbed…and never knocked out. Whupped by the Las Vegas police….I have been “knocked” only three or four times in my career. a record unheard of in the game! I have had (3) females for over thirteen years. Touched more money than the average player can even dream about…. touched more honey than the average player can dream about. Internationally known….I feel good about myself with this game.

Check out Gangsta brown in Pimping Dont stop 24/7. A DVD about Pimping at its finest. Personal footage of Some of America's most infamous Pimps such as: Filmore slim, Magic don juan, Kenny Red, and Gangsta Brown many more

Also local and main stream Rapp star guest Appearances such as: Yuk Mouth, Messy Marv, Too Short, Snoop Dogg, Big Daddy Kane, Ice T, Mista Fab, and many more......DVD $9.98 Plus S&H

This dvd produced by myself, Kenny Redd, Fillmore Slim and my (22) under-studies have all come together for this project. No one in the game has had (22) successful under -studies. This dvd will also talk about the “O.G’s thatt have paved the way before me. I love ‘Old School”…. ”Old School” is good! That is why I love Snoop Dogg! Snopp Dogg and myself, love “Old School”…Mac 10 loves old school. This dvd will be one of the hottest dvd’s to ever hit the market.Why? because of its content. It will have pimps controversies.

Scrubb, Wazee, Gangsta Brown, Bishop Don Juan, Nate Collins, and Kenny Redd…. All together at the round table. Discussing such issues as…. Pimp School; Pimp Controversies…to claim that crown….who is the best player to ever put it down? This dvd is so off the richter scale with its explosive, raw dipiction of the game….It has my endorsement. All (22) of my understudies have been successful. Some have retired… some have invested in other endeavors…some are rich because of what they learned from the game. I lost one of my great player friends, Bobby Scarborough…just want to say that I love you Bobby!Yeah!! You better get a dose of this pimpin at its rawest form…. ”Pimpin Don’t Stop” 24/7. This is the finest material of this kind that you have ever wanted to see.

We stood up against the best in the world about this “P” game, We have won some…lost some. Either you are tore up and defeated from this game or you stand tall through it all. Props to all of my (22) under-studies…you know who are ..I don’t have to name you. You were all true “Macs” and “Players”… Till next time … this is Gangsta Brown signing off.. Peace Out!!

Written by: Michael W. Wilton