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Gangsta Brown Film director, entrepreneur, actor, and self proclaimed international player is on the move! Three decades of game has been lived and witnessed by Gangsta Brown (already a living legend). The son of a Globetrotter. His first introduction to the game was as a child. Observing his cousin Pancho in the Eddy St. area of San Francisco CA. Gangsta Brown as and adolescent was groomed by his godfather, and world famous player Fillmore Slim. Under Slims (Fillmore Slim) Wing, He received schooling in the art of managing woman of leisure. Armed With invaluable knowledge, he positioned himself for worldwide recognition.

His credits include HBO's Hollywood Live. Which reached 80 million viewers world wide? Live N Direct with Rita Cosby of MSNBC, a plethora of Budweiser commercials, Judge Judy, Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, The Liza Show, Scandinavian television, Real T.V, and VH1's15 minutes of fame with Gary Rosenthal. We are all too familiar with publicity that surrounded the Hugh Grant scandal of 1995. The well known actor was in the act on the sunset strip. Not only did this incident set the worldwide media afire. It placed Gangsta Brown in the position to negotiate lucratively on the Divine Browns behalf.

These negotiations were parlayed into 11.6 million dollar revenue. The Year was 2000 as Gangsta Brown produced, directed, and financed the film. The Game Has Changed Vol.1 This DVD chronicles the life of players, pimps, and hustlers nationwide. Gangsta Browns first movie deal was with J.king of Club Novuea. This resulted in Black Spring Break, and Love Beat the Hell Out of Me, "Cross Country Pimpin", Devine Brown, West Coast hooker, and Bigger than big, the Mack Pack DVD series.

This Series includes the works, Hustlas Players Ball, Bigga Than Big, The Life and Times of Gangsta Brown, Cross-Country Pimpin, Down South Players, World Famous Players Ball. Also Noble D made a trip to the University of San Francisco to talk to 500 students and a professor. This was and open forum, where the students could ask any question that they wanted to. The agent at the time was Money Banks. There was also a trip to San Quentin Prison. Where J.B Mack Sauce was the agent. They were presented with the opportunity to speak to inmates on all issues. E-40, Fillmore Slim, and Gangsta Brown were present.

To date the film works have sold over 10,000 copies. This led to his productions of Jamie Foxxs Internet radio station and Gangsta Brown 3. Gangsta Brown has ventured into the music industry, with his collaboration with Mista Fab radio personality of 94.9s Gone Wild Radio Show. It was on this very station known as the Party Station that the Yellow Bus Radio. Premiered Featuring: Mista F.A.B & Gangsta Brow. DJ Espinoza & his Yellow Bus Crew. His climb to success has led to him working with such artists as, Snoop Dogg, Manip aka Manipulation, Mista Fab, JT the Bigga Figga, Fillmore Slim, Dwayne Wiggins, E-40, Big Daddy Kane, Messy Marv, Too Short, Dru Down, Richie Rich, Fat Rich, Ice-T, Rappin 4-tay, Lennie Williams, and more.

With his entrance in the music industry, it witnessed the release of his first sound track, Want All Your Money. The Single was released exclusively online. And recorded an astonishing quarter of a million (250,000) downloads. There ever evolving Gangsta Brown, has now ventured into endorsement of the energy drink Hunid Racks, The Drink of Hustlas, and Mandatory Business Magazine. The worlds fastest growing publication. Hunid Racks product like includes (3) flavors of the energy drink: Tupac, Mac Dre, and regular flavor, a signature clothing line, condoms, cigarillos, debit card, and the Hunid Racks CD, Featuring Yukmouth and Messy Marv.

Acknowledgements & Shouts Outs to Showtime, outs to hip hop artist Too Shorts Blow your Whistle and Manip Manipulation outs to Alicia Gwynn, co investor of the Life and Times of Gangsta Brown, Outs to Stretch Mista Fabs manager Ghost Ride The Whip, B.E.T for contributions to American Gangsta, Outs to J.B Mack Sauce, outs to Bob Casteels Freedom first bail bonds, and Gorilla Milk ENT. Urban Life Distributors, City Hall Records, and Dwayne Wiggins. Also we want to give acknowledgements to Lonnie bates. Entrepreneur of Bates Hall for the knowledge that he gave me concerning, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. In addition to this, He gave knowledge of buying property.

Gangsta Brown has realized how important it is to give back to our youth, so that they may elude the pitfalls that he faced as a youth, growing up S.F/Oakland Bay Area. For more information on upcoming projects, T.V schedules, and booking for hosting or appearances.

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